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Synonyms and Antonyms

When writing in English we use Synonyms [said Sin-an-nims] and Antonyms [said An-tu-nims].

They make writing more interesting by avoiding repetition and give clarity to the reader.


These are words that mean the same or similar things. For example amazing and fantastic are synonyms.

                The child produced some amazing work. Her teacher said it was fantastic.

These help to avoid repetition in our writing, as they you can use different words for the same meaning.

Some more synonyms are;

Smart – Clever                   Important – Essential                     Good – Excellent

Stupid – Dumb                   Irrelevant – Useless                         Complete – Perfect

Bad – Inferior                     Interesting – Fascinating                Exact – Specific

Awful – Horrible                Commonplace – Boring                  Suitable – Uniform



These are words that are the opposite of each other.

For example;     Horrible and Lovely.

                               There was a horrible old man and a lovely young woman.

Some more antonyms are;

Achieve – Fail.                                   Idle – Active.                                      Ascend – Descend

Afraid – Confident.                         Ancient – Modern.                          Crazy – Sane

Arrive – Depart.                               Arrogant – Humble.                        Gigantic – Small

City – Village                                     Sensible – Wild                                   Depressed – Ecstatic


Here is a matching activity for you to have a go at. Can you match the synonyms to their partner?


Now try writing these sentences using an antonym

  1. The coach is going too slow on the road.
  2. I need to decrease the amount of water I drink
  3. The mother was excited that her child was moving out.


Now you know, why not try and use synonyms and antonyms in your writing.


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