Spoken English Courses

Speak fluently and master the English language with our Spoken English classes. Each course is tailored to the student's individual level, whether he or she has years of experience speaking English or no experience at all. Our expert national and international staff assess each student's level with a test and use the results as a to create an individualized lesson plan. This ensures a true understanding of the English language.

Our courses and rates are categorized into three different levels.

(i) Basic English :

Foundational Course for Beginners

(ii) Intermediate English

Communicative Fluency and Training and Public Speaking

(iii) Advanced English

Business English, (Spoken + Written) Leadership & Management Training,  Native Fluency

Based on your performance at the placement test, we will place you in the perfect course for you.

University Placement Training

We train students in the final year of college at many universities in the English skills required to secure and sustain a job, including public speaking, English for business, and presentation skills. Our international faculty provides training to make them globally eligible.

Corporate Training

We've worked with various medium to large companies in training their employees in various soft skills and other English-related courses, including IELTS and TOEFL training.


Want to travel abroad? We bring international classes to Kolkata with instructors from England, Australia, the US, and more helping teach our English speaking courses. You'll get a perfect score on your IELTS/TOEFL.

Academia English Kolkata has been mentioned as an official partner of ETS TOEFL from Princeton NJ

Why Academia?

You deserve the best. Academia English Kolkata provides you with the excellent quality of education you need to be successful.


What makes us different?

Hundreds of success stories can be attributed back to Academia. You'll hear when you ask our students!

Students who complete our spoken English course in Kolkata are effective communicators with successful careers. They achieve high band scores in the IELTS exam and the TOEFL exam with help from our international experts and thorough English class syllabus modified to each student's level of the language.

Admission Procedure for 2019

Admissions forms must be completed and submitted with the registration charge and required documents before enrollment. Please note: Admissions are dependent on the availability of seats.