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What will the Spoken English Course consist of?

We work on the candidate's speaking, reading, writing & listening skills with specialized attention given to the learner's weak points

Will I successfully learn the English Language at Academia?

Academia's unique methodology has had a 100 percent success rate where regardless of the student's position all our students have achieved their desired level of fluency.


What makes Academia unique?

We also bring in foreign teachers and professors from all over the world to help students adopt the language comfortably.

Our unique method has resulted in the students embracing English with the same confidence and correctness as their native tongue.

Who is eligible for the English Course?

Learners of any age are welcome into the Academia, as long as they are willing to focus on improving their English.

What is the duration of each class?

Here at Academia we focus on each lesson being completed and ensuring the candidate has understood and received what the trainers are trying to teach. 

What is the process of admission for an individual?

A learner MUST CALL 8240984307 and take an appointment to the institution. The admission and registration process will approximately take 30-45 minutes.

Documents required

2 copy passport photographs of the candidate

1 Xerox copy of last formal exam marksheet (if available)

1 Xerox copy of an id proof (example: voter ID card, Aadhar card; PAN card, or driver’s license)

Candidates must make a deposit of registration fee, which is a one-time payment to the institution.


When are the classes held?

Early morning classes start from 8.30 AM in the morning and continue until late evening.
Weekend classes for SPOKEN ENGLISH is also available but with limited seats available.

Are trainings provided for companies, universities and BPOs? 

Let our expert trainers guide you for the perfect course to help you and your company. CALL 8240984307 for an appointment and let our expert trainers guide you to choose the ideal course for you or email