Easy ways to improve your Spoken English


Well the first and foremost rule to learn a new language is to find a goal and be motivated. You should ask yourself the following question

Why do I  want to learn this language?

How will it serve my purpose?

Whether it is for your studies abroad or for a spouse visa or for a job purpose or just as a hobby, you need to find its purpose. In our lives we think about doing a lot of things. To get that perfect figure, to get that handsome salary, to get your crush to say yes, but what makes a difference in what we want and what we achieve is our attitude towards it. I am sure this is not news. To acquire any goal in life we first need to be focused and motivated to keep us moving.

But what if I tell you that studying is NOT the only way to master your language skills. Yes you heard it right! Only studying will not help you with your language skills. There are few interesting and fun ways to help you with this. The next part of the blog will cover this for you:

1) The first step is the most difficult. If you can do this the next part of your journey becomes pretty smooth. The first thing you need to do is to START. Yes you need to just start. RIGHT NOW. SERIOUSLY! No matter from which level or no level at all, you just need to make the first move. Now you may ask me how do we just start? Well the answer is, start with something or anything for that matter. When I started learning a new language I started with the absolute basics. The first thing I learnt was how to say “hello” then I moved on to “My name is”. Yes it is that simple. You just need to start somewhere so get started NOW! Get yourself enrolled in language classes, watch online videos or simply go through some easy phrases and sentences on internet. Once you do this you can move on to the other steps.

2) The best way to learn a language is to put yourself into a situation where you don’t have a choice but to use your target language. Very often when we have the option to use our mother tongue or the language we are comfortable with and on the other hand our target language, our brain automatically chooses the first option. This happens because we often choose the easier path. So I can suggest you to change your laptop and phone language to your target language. Phone is life in this era. We use it 24*7. So when we have to use the target language on our beloved phones growth will be inevitable. You will learn new words and automatically choose to make decision in your target language.

3) Find a language partner. Now this really helps! When you have someone who is also trying to learn the same language and you both try to have a conversation in your target language it really does help you. Not only does it benefit you alone but it also benefits your partner. Also you can learn new things and ideas from each other. When you have a support from another person learning becomes easy and fun and it surely accelerates your growth process. Also you can share valuable feedback and gin some useful tips on how to learn the language in a simpler way. You can conduct meet ups or group studies and gain immensely from it. You can find your study partner from your classes where you are learning or from online learning platforms or a friend or relative.

4) Watch movies, videos and songs in your target language. Now remember not to watch the dubbed version of it or with subtitles in your native language. Otherwise it will not help. This is a very useful technique as in the movies you will hear the pronunciation and accent of the target language in its original form. It will help you to understand different dialects of the language and also improve your listening and comprehending skills exponentially!

5) One of the best method to learn a language is to stay in the country whose native language is your target language. When you are surrounded by locals who speak that language you are bound to improve your skills since your day to day activities will involve communicating in that language. Connecting with a native speaker is hands down one of the best methods to learn a language. To get any work done you have to communicate in that language. Hence your skills improve and so does your fluency. Can’t go abroad? Do not worry I have got you covered. For those people who can’t go abroad and master their language skills can take up the language course with us. Enroll yourself into language classes and communicate with other fellow students who are also trying to learn that language. Make a study group and practice more! Also join study groups online and communicate with people all across the world!


Now these were the few hacks to learn a new language or master your existing language skills. I am sure if you try these it will benefit you in many ways. And remember to keep testing yourself. Celebrate each mistake, after all you learn from them. Join social events, workshops and webinars. This helps you to learn language in a fun way. Also make a point not to learn the language but also its culture and traditions. Keep enjoying the process of learning!

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