Some new words to learn- British English

Different Words in British English


Everyone’s favorite English Language is always evolving, and around 1100 words are being added to English Language every year. There are many interesting facts about this language which we can keep exploring. The English Language is unique. It is spoken  in a different manner in various parts of the world. Today we will focus on British English with assistance from our Guest Teacher from the UK Mr. Daniel

What are Colloquial Words?


Colloquial expressions are difficult even for advanced English Learners as it is hard to keep up with  words of each country used by natives. Today we’ll explore some expressions used by the natives of England.


Colloquial words from America tend to be more popular with English learners due to  widespread of  American Popular Culture. Music and films of American Culture are  viewed frequently. Mainstream popularity is lacking on British culture. Thus they are remade to appeal to a broader audience.

You might be familiar with these commonly used words.  However the meaning of those words can differ depending on the country you


Other than following original British accent these unfamiliar words may leave you speechless. Some commonly used words you might want to keep in mind.


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