Our Approach

Academia employs a faculty of highly-skilled, experienced professionals. These professionals consist of locally renowned teachers as well as native English-speaking teachers from the USA, UK, Australia, Germany and many more.

Most of all an environment is created where the students can learn the language easily.

We believe that courses should be tailored to suit the needs of each student taking them. Therefore through an integration of effective teaching methods and modern technology, we aim to provide the best learning experience possible.

Our Story

Academia started with a vision to revolutionize education in Kolkata. After travelling abroad and years of teaching experience we’ve consulted with various experts both locally and internationally and as a result have come up with various teaching methods to make learning English a fun and innovative process.

Meet the Team

In addition we present to you the minds behind Academia dedicated to make your learning experience a success

At the United Nations, Manhattan New York with the Italian Ambassador

Ms. Sumaiya


Ms.Sumaiya has been a pioneer for education and has recently returned from New Jersey USA and has personally contributed to the factor of creating an international environment  with her educational experience in the heart of Kolkata.

Mr. Daniel

Guest Trainer/Faculty

Mr. Daniel is from United Kingdon(UK) . He is a teacher over there and has worked with several children and adults. Mr.Chadwin is also a passionate musician. He is looking forward to educating young minds in Academia

Mr. Nazmul


Mr. Nazmul has been a pillar of strength to the education industry over the last 30 years. He brings his years of experience and wise insights into handling various students from all spheres of lives. Mr. Nazmul would like to welcome all potential learners


Mr. Shabab

Executive of Operations

Mr.Shabab has been an integral and invaluable asset to Academia since the inception of the company. He oversees internal operations and has been a constant presence in all departments of work. He also helps with marketing and promotion


Ms. Charlotte Van Der Sterre

Guest Trainer/MarketingFaculty

Ms. Charlotte is originally from the Netherlands in Europe but has moved to Australia and lived there for the last 20 years.  She has a vast experience and is an expert trainer with Neuro Linguistic Programming. She has owned several successful business chains and has also found success with real estate. Academia would like to warmly welcome her to share her expertise with the pupils at Academia.


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