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Hate it or love it English has become the need of the hour. Most of us have to write a long essay for our exam or write the report for our boss. Some people are creative and choose to express their thoughts and desires in their journal or express their love of literature. These generalized tips will help writers of all ages for any purpose improve the quality of their work.

The staff at Academia English Kolkata is pleased to present some exciting new tips to help learners and writers of all ages improve their writing by avoiding these mistakes.

Pointers on English Writing

  1. Don’t be repetitive:  This might seem kind of obvious but it is only human to fall back on the same words you’ve learned to build a comfortable nest around. Use synonyms and other forms of expression or metaphor or similes to express and describe. It is advisable to not use two words of the same kind in two consecutive sentences.
  2. Create an outline: Consider this to be the warm-up of your writing. Most sports require a form of warm-up exercise to play an excellent game and writing is no different. It can take two to ten minutes. A draft can comprise of a random sprawl of ideas scribbled on a sheet or a brief summary of the structure. This gives your writing more direction and helps prevent you from getting the dreaded “WRITERS BLOCK”. It’s always easier to achieve your goal if you know where it’s headed. You can make changes but its good to have a structure beforehand
  3. Never overthink:   Your worst enemy can be your mind and being overly critical of yourself before getting started. Don’t procrastinate or wait for the perfect words and paragraph to form in your head. It is better to start out with a mediocre paragraph that takes 5 minutes to write and to revise/ edit it. Consult a third person; what might not seem good to you might seem wonderful to the world.

Good luck writers. We at Academia English Kolkata welcome you to this exciting journey of writing and stay subscribed for more helpful content.




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