Job interviews are always nerve-wracking that can leave even the most confident of candidates feeling uneasy. Meeting with a potential new employer, it’s completely natural to feel nervous; after all, you want to present yourself and your skills appropriately. Academia Kolkata has compiled a list of two of the most interview questions you should be prepared for.

What is your weakness? How to answer the feared interview question.

Diplomacy is the key to this answer.  Honesty is not the answer. A blatant lie isn’t the best way to answer this questions.

Wrong Answers

  • If I am being honest I am very lazy and found it troublesome to even prepare for the interview. I will try my best to be more active for this job” (This is a true answer our expert team of panelists has witnessed 46  % of freshers make this fatal mistake of being honest and admitting a flaw. This would contradict with work ethics)
  • I am perfect. I have no flaws.” (Candidates who are unable to come up with any weaknesses at all are often viewed with suspicion- are you claiming to be superhumanly perfect?  )

Rather than say you have no weaknesses (which interviewers are more likely to interpret as arrogance on your part), choose a couple of minor weaknesses that are unrelated to your ability to do the job. For example, if your job is only to implement other people’s ideas, you could say that you aren’t very good at coming up with your own ideas.

The ideal answer would be to show a flaw you had and highlight the improvements you’ve made by working on this behavioral pattern. You could also take a positive quality and guise it as a negative trait so you’ll give out a positive vibe to the hiring manager.

Examples of Ideal Answers

  •  I know that I can very quickly get frustrated when people don’t make decisions. However, now that I am aware of it I try to remember that colleagues may need time to think something through before giving me an answer.”
  • ” “I can be too critical of myself. A pattern I’ve noticed throughout my career is that I often feel I could have done more, even if objectively, I’ve done well.  One solution I’ve implemented over the last three years is to actively pause and celebrate my achievements. Not only has this helped my own self-esteem, it’s helped me genuinely appreciate and recognize my team and other support systems.”


Are you good with teamwork? There is only one right answer. YES!

Of course, you are a good team player. This answer is obvious and important.  However, you must give an example  to demonstrate how you helped the team achieve its goal

  • Yes, I’m a good team player because I try to create a good working atmosphere. For example, there was an occasion when two of the team, Tina and Mike weren’t getting on (means they didn’t like each other).  The situation was getting worse and worse and they were barely on speaking terms, so eventually, I spoke to each of them individually and arranged for the three of us to go out for lunch together. I encouraged the two of them to talk through their issues and they now at least understand each other’s perspectives and can be civil enough to each other to work together.”
  • “I tried to be a good team player by checking on the workload of other people and trying to ensure everyone’s happy. Recently I noticed one of my colleagues, Ruth was being a lot quieter than usual. I took her aside (means I took her in a quiet or private place in the office)  and found out her uncle just died- she had just found out over the phone and she was really shaken up (mentally disturbed). So I suggested she ask our boss for the rest of the day off and I offered to finish up the rest of the phone calls that she was supposed to be handling.

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