Difficult words pop up when you least expect them.

At the worst moments possible you  find yourself confused with the meaning of a pesky little word

Like on a customs document when you’re headed to a vacation.

Or on confusing food labels when you’re grocery shopping.

The Know it all Friend/ Acquaintance/ Relative who acts like a thesaurus

Impress your boss with your formal words or use relevant words with a client

And, of course, on those difficult passages during English exams


I’m talking about tricky, frustrating, hard English words, of course!

There are so many of them, and they’re everywhere! What can English learners do?

Luckily for you the experts at Academia English have crafted some unique methods to help learners like yourself to make remembering these words much more easily.


10 difficult words in English and how to master them

When you have a vocabulary exam coming up, do you usually panic?

How am I going to memorize all 30 of these difficult words?

And yet, I’ll bet you have no trouble memorizing an entire song’s lyrics after just a few listens. Isn’t that funny?

That’s due to earworms—no, not tapeworms you would find from your pet dog—but tunes that are naturally easy to remember, usually because they’re fast-paced and easy to sing.

English learners can take advantage of earworms for a much easier way to remember vocabulary! All you need is a song lyrics search engine like Lyrics.com to find songs that have a vocabulary word you’re trying to remember. If you don’t already know the meaning of your vocabulary word, you may need to look it up in a dictionary or you may be able to figure it out from the song’s context.

Some common words

1) Nostalgia: a sentimental longing or wistful affection for a period in the past.

Photos of my childhood bring on pure nostalgia.


2) Compel: force/ Pressurize into.

Illness compelled him to stay in bed.


3) remonstrate: argue in protest.

The child knew he’d get his way if he remonstrated long enough.


4) insouciant: carefree, nonchalant.

His insouciant manner attracted women who liked the dandy type.


5) Menace: threat/ danger.

The little brother is a menace to everything.

Dennis the Menace is a famous comic character whose strips are often published in various newspapers including the Telegraph in India


6) fractious: irritable.

 Everyone was afraid the fractious guy would explode.


7) importune: beg persistently.

She was so eager to marry that she importuned him until he felt so pressured, he dumped her.


8) Illusion: mirage/ hallucination.

They suffer from the illusion that they cannot solve their problems.


9) impecunious: having too little money.

The lack of good jobs has made many formerly middle-class people impecunious.


10) Impeccable: Faultless/ flawless.

Anyone who likes the same songs as me has an impeccable taste in music.

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