English Fluency & Language Development

Due to recent updates, these classes are available online.

Speak fluently and master the English language with our Spoken English Development classes.

We adhere to Common Europe Framework of Reference while an international standard of learning customized for you.

We have three levels

(i) Basic English (A1,A2)

(ii) Intermediate English (B1, B2)

(iii) Advanced English (C1 & C2)


Show us what you know through your placement test and we will assign the perfect course for you.

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Due to recent updates, these classes are available online.

Want to travel abroad? We bring international-level classes to Kolkata with instructors from England, Australia, and the U.S. helping teach our English speaking courses. You'll get a perfect score on your IELTS/TOEFL along with help and consultant of what to expect for your visa interview and life abroad.

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Voice and Accent

Due to recent updates, these classes are available online.

This course improves the way you speak and pronounce English. You can choose to speak with the British or American or even Neutral influence on your English speech. We specialize with removal of Mother Tongue Influence on English Accent

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Academia English Kolkata's Aim for Students

Academia provides an international environment in Kolkata.

The motto of Academia English Kolkata is to provide an education allowing students to reach their full potential. The curriculum for our English classes is developed by experts using international methods catered to each student's level.


Academia English

Admission Procedure for 2020

Admissions forms must be completed and submitted with the registration charge and required documents before enrollment. Please note: Admissions are dependent on the availability of seats.